Wednesday, November 28, 2012


DC Super Friends Imaginext Superman & Wonder Woman from Fisher-Price 2012

Egads these figures are adorable!  Fisher-Price is pretty sneaky with it's product information.  I feel like I've read multiple customer inquiries over the past year (to both Fisher-Price and parent company Mattel) asking about any additional females in the Superfriends line.  The answer has always been a gentle no:  "Nothing in the works at this time" etc etc.   Needless to say this Wonder Woman figure (and the Harley Quinn I will be reviewing tomorrow) have definitely been in development for some time.  They are amazing and I am overjoyed.  This reveal came out of the blue when I read last week's Harley Qwednesday post on Toyriffic.  Now 6 days later I have them in my greedy little hands.  The only female in the line up to this point was the Catwoman figure from early 2012.  I can't wait to see what else sneaks up on us.  I'm thinking a Hawkgirl and Batgirl are definite possibilities.  Poison Ivy would make my head explode but I somehow doubt we'll see her in a kid's line.  On to the review!


She's pretty well articulated for a kid's toy.  She has pivot & swivel shoulders, and swivel neck, legs, and wrists.

Her lasso is GIGANTIC!  It's an awesome accessory.  I have a million coiled-up lassos but none with a dynamic action sculpt.


Time for a Group Shot!

Tune in tomorrow to see her next to Harley!


  1. YAY! Mine finally arrived after some concern that they shipped - can't wait to review them myself.

    Also, curious to see which version of HQ you ended up with (seems there are two different arm/hand colored versions).

    And I too am very surprised at how Fisher-Price is able to sneak these things out! You just KNOW they have something in the works that will wow us again in a few months (here's hoping it is Batgirl and/or Poison Ivy!)

    1. Interesting! The one I took photos of for tomorrow's review has mismatched shoulders. F-P actually messed up my order a little bit (or maybe it's my fault, I haven't checked the original receipt), but I INTENDED to order 2 harleys and 2 WW. Instead I got 3 Harley's and 1 WW. I'll check the other two when I get home tonight. I'm hoping there will be a variant Wonder Woman with darker lips like in the solicit pics.

  2. Sadly, this toy is now sold out on Fisher-Price's website, and places like Amazon are charging a ridiculous amount ($70+). Same with Harley Quinn. Anyone know if F-P will restock?