Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Marvel POP! #197 Gwenpool & #213 Unmasked Walgreens Exc - Funko 2017

One of my favorite things about being a comic reader is when a character evolves organically due to pure fan excitement. One of the most notable examples off the top of my head is Spider-Girl, who was originally introduced in a random episode of What If? and was such a hit that she had two subsequent solo series with over 130 issues. Anole is another case. He was originally an unnamed background character in the 2003 New Mutants series. He never got his own series, but he has been developed into a fan-favorite X-Man. Gwenpool was first introduced as a Spider-Gwen themed variant cover. So essentially she was just a concept design. But then the fans got ahold of her and the internet was suddenly festooned with cosplay and fanart. Soon she was starring in Howard the Duck backup stories and her solo series was inevitable. The first time I paid any attention to her was in her Holiday Special, and I was instantly smitten. She's terribly violent, but she's so quirky and nerdy that it's almost cute.

These Funko POPs are the first official Gwenpool product, but I'm sure we'll see plenty more (a Rock Candy figure has already been casually mentioned in an interview). Fingers crossed for a Marvel Legends!  Let's check her out below!

There's a Toys R US exclusive variant out there as well. She's holding a cell phone and a gun as opposed to the sword in the standard release. I wish her pose were a little different, because as is they seem too similar to me.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here are my two Gwenpools together.

And here they are alongside two of last year's Spider-Gwen POPs.


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