Thursday, March 23, 2017

Superman: The Animated Series - LIVEWIRE!

The New Batman Adventures: Girls Night Out - Livewire - DC Collectibles 2017

I've really been paying attention to the rise of Livewire over the years. Similar to Harley Quinn, Livewire was introduced in a 1997 episode of Superman: The Animated Series. Within a year she was guest starring in the comics associated with the show, and about eight years later she finally crossed over to mainstream comics in Action Comics #835. She's appeared in several animated series (The New Batman Adventures, JLU, and JLU: Unlimited), one movie (Justice League: Gods and Monsters), and two live-action shows (Smallville and Supergirl). So her popularity is consistent, yet somehow understated. She's also appeared in four video games, so she's literally hit every facet of superhero media. I'm glad in a way that she hasn't had the same crazy popularity as Harley Quinn, because her character has stayed pretty true to form over the years, which is pretty rare these days. Although I must say I would love a good solo mini-series or special eventually. Let's check out Livewire below!

Credit for her creation seems a little unclear to me, but Bruce Timm, Evan Dorkin, and Sarah Dyer seem to be the likely players. I'm a personal fan of Sarah Dyer. Her "Action Girl's Guide to Female Action Figures" page was the major source of inspiration for this website. Plus her Action Girl anthology comic was amazing and featured early works by some of my favorite creators. (Also, I emailed her once many years ago with an obscure toy question and she was very helpful).

Livewire was voiced by Lori Petty. She played Kit in A League of their Own, Tank Girl in Tank Girl, and most recently Lolly in Orange is the New Black (Among many other great roles). A great voice actor adds a lot of spark to a character, pun intended.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

From Left to Right: JLU Figure from 2010, DC Direct Figure from 2009, NECA Heroclix Figure from 2011, DC Collectibles from 2017, and the NJCroce Bendie Figure from 2015.  I reviewed these all in a Character Spotlight last year. I will soon be adding this new figure to that post.

And here is the entire Girl's Night Out lineup: Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Livewire, Supergirl, and Batgirl.
I must say that I feel a little sheepish for not realizing that "Girl's Night Out" is the title of the 20th episode of the The New Batman Adventures, starring all five of these ladies. It's pretty awesome the DC Collectibles commemorated the episode with this release.



  1. Such a great figure! I'm really disappointed that DC Collectibles is not releasing her and Supergirl individually carded at this time (or the upcoming BTAS Poison Ivy also only available in an expensive box set), but I understand that its the only way once sales of line start to slow. It's better than never getting the figures at all.

    1. I will bet they release another Girls of Gotham type set with the BTAS Harley, Ivy, Catwoman, and Batgirl. (At least I'm really hoping they do). The Harley and Catwoman are already a couple years old so it would be smart to reissue them, and that Ivy is a little too exclusive for the casual collector.

    2. That is an excellent idea that I hope DC has a similar thought! I'm buying that set when it comes out because at least all the figures are new and I want them all (I actually like the BATS designs of Freeze and company a bit better), but it would be impossible to pop down $130 if you only wanted one of the figures.