Sunday, April 16, 2017


DC Multiverse - Wonder Woman Ares Series - Diana of Themyscira - Mattel 2017

I'm loving the look of this Diana of Themyscira costume. Usually the island apparel for Wonder Woman is nothing more than a toga -- which isn't a bad thing. I actually like the nod to ancient Greece with the gladiator sandals and olive leaves in her hair, but I feel like I have a few action figures like that already and them seem so nondescript. This movie version of that look pays homage to the classic design but tweaks the color palette toward earthtones and adds some details that make it more formidable and battle-ready. I love it. And once again Mattel knocked it out of the park. I had really low expectations but now I have a renewed sense of excitement for all the upcoming Multiverse ladies: Batwoman, Jessica Cruz Green Lantern, DKIII Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, and New52 Wonder Woman. They're going to be so great (if they actually all get released - there was a disheartening lack of these figures shown at Toy Fair). Time will tell. Let's check out Diana of Themyscira below!

Diana comes with a sword and a lasso sculpted in a coil. The swords in this series are made of a flexible plastic that tends to warp in the packaging.

Diana comes with the Pelvis of Ares.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three ladies from this wave: Hippolyta, Diana, and Wonder Woman.

And here she is with a (slightly retouched) BvS Wonder Woman from last year.

And finally here's the whole wave with Ares and Steve Trevor.



  1. As a long time fan, I am loving these WW movie figures. They have far exceeded my expectations! Now I really hope that Mattel gives us both the announced Menalippe figure and maybe give us a Robin Wright / Antiope figure.

    This head sculpt is so much better than the BVS Multiverse figure!

    1. Woah I didn't know anything about the Menalippe figure. I just saw pictures and she looks great. I wonder how she will be released. Maybe an amazon exclusive like the Nightclub Harley?

  2. I thought at first Menalippe would be a total re-paint of Hippolyta's body armor (which actually would have been fine considering Hippolyta was a new sculpt), but it looks Menalippe is mostly new from the pics. I loved this character in Perez run (she was a priestess who communicated directly with the gods) and I am excited she's in the movie.

    No word yet on exactly how she is going to be released, but considering that she is not part of a regular BAF wave and her accessories include an alternate flaming sword for the already released BAF Ares - I would say your thought that she will be a store exclusive is correct.