Tuesday, May 9, 2017

DreamWorks Antz - PRINCESS BALA!

DreamWorks Antz: Basic Figures - Princess Bala - Playmates 1998

I spent all of my college years working in video rental stores. I was a movie nut and easy counter work provided me ample time to work on my studies while simultaneously chatting up customers about the films I loved. During that time I became fascinated by movies that came out in pairs - within a year of each either and from different studios, but with incredibly similar stories. Volcano & Dante's Peak (1997), The Matrix, Thirteenth Floor, & Existenz (1999), Armageddon & Deep Impact (1998), I have tons of examples. But the most sensational was the Antz vs A Bug's Life fiasco in the Fall of 1998. It was the first time (in my memory at least) that the "swiped plotline" phenomenon was making headlines. The feud between DreamWorks and Pixar over their movies was well documented (Google it if you're interested and feel like taking sides). While A Bug's Life was fun and had an amazing assortment of characters, I much preferred the weird witty humor of Antz. Let's check out Princess Bala below!

Priness Bala is articulated at all four legs, shoulders, neck, waist, and "tail" (technically her waist and tail should be Thorax and Abdomen, but it complicates things when the insects begin to walk upright. Nerd alert!)

In a very similar fashion to Princess Atta, Princess Bala also comes with wearable leaf accessories. 

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her Pixar doppelganger, Princess Atta.


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