Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tree Fu Tom - AREILA!

Tree Fu Tom: Deluxe Series - Ariela with Ladybugs - Giochi Preziosi 2013

Tree Fu Tom is a CGI animated show on BBC/CBeebies featuring a live-action human boy (Tom) who uses his "Tree Fu" magic to shrink down and have adventures in the miniature world of Treetopolis. The show was created in conjunction with the Dyspraxia Foundation and features many 4th-wall-breaking movement exercises for children. Tom has many interesting friends in Treetopolis including a tree frog, an acorn sprite, some spiders, mushroom creatures, and of course a variety of insects. Ariela is the main female of the group.  She is a butterfly rancher (with a cowgirl motif) at the Branch Ranch. Certain insects in the series are anthropomorphic, but others take on a more cattle-like role: like the ladybugs, aphids, and big lumbering beetles. Giochi Preziosi is an Italian-based toy company that makes a lot of action figures based on European animated shows. When this review is posted I will be travelling around Spain and hopefully finding lots of cool European toys to review. Let's check out Ariela below!

Ariela can't really stay standing without her figure stand.

These figures come packaged in multiple different assortments. This one below is my favorite because I love that big beetle steed. It's colorful and adorable and I want it.

Here are the accessories that my figure came with.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she with with Princess Bala and Princess Atta.


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