Sunday, June 11, 2017

Marvel Legends - INVISIBLE WOMAN!

Marvel Legends: Fantastic Four - Invisible Woman - Walgreens Exc - Hasbro 2017

I feel like no Women of Marvel collection can be complete without a great Invisible Woman. Luckily this new Walgreens exclusive Legends figure finally fills that role. As one of the top three most merchandised Marvel Heroines (after Storm and Jean Grey), it's really shocking that there hasn't been a good Invisible Woman figure before now. It's understandable that the Fantastic Four Legends are being set up as Walgreens exclusives. Historically, these characters don't perform nearly as well as the rest of the Marvel roster, so if this rigmarole is what it takes to get us these figures, I fully support it. Luckily the Walgreens website usually has accurate stock listings for stores, and there is free shipping over $35 if you decided to order it online. I did both. I ordered one the first time I saw her pop up on the website, but then the same day I randomly stopped by a store for something unrelated and found her. My impatience got the best of me and now I have multiple Sues. Let's check her out below!

The Walgreens store I found her in had about 10 in stock. And every single one of them had an awkward iridescent silvery highlight on her bottom lip. It doesn't look bad at all in these photos, but in person it's pretty distracting and unnatural looking. Luckily it can be partially removed very easily (there's a pic of this halfway down).

Sue's color is very unique. It's kind of a murky blue with a touch of green. It actually seem very "right" for this figure. My only concern is that with the staggered release of these Fantastic Four characters, the unique color might not match on all the members. 

In this picture below, I used a Magic Eraser and swiped the sliver highlight off her bottom lip a little bit. It toned it down a lot and I'm much happier. 

Sue comes with and extra Left Hand that has extended fingers a partial invisibility effect.

She also comes with H.E.R.B.I.E., The Humanoid Experimental Robot B-Type Integrated Electronics. The first time I was exposed to the Fantastic Four was through the merchandising associated with the 1978 Fantastic Four cartoon (mostly coloring books). There was a period in the late 70s and early 80s where a Human Torch live action film was in the works. This movie never materialized, but for a decent chunk of time, the Human Torch was unavailable for other media. There are two major repercussions of this legal snafu. One was the creation of FireStar in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (as a flame-themed substitute for Johnny Storm). And the other was the introduction of H.E.R.B.I.E. as the forth member in the 1978 Fantastic Four cartoon (where Johnny was also absent). This figure coincidentally looked like a scaled-up version of the H.E.R.B.I.E. that came with the 3.75" Marvel Universe Fantastic Four sets in 2011.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the 2006 Fantastic Four Classics version and the 2008 2-Pack version. This really shows the unique blue hue of her costume.



  1. Could it be? The rights to Fantastic Four are back with Marvel? Because this is the most new I've seen out of Fantastic Four merchandise! o_0

    1. And they just announced the Mr. Fantastic at SDCC! Also, I fully expect a retooled Sue with brighter blue and different hair in the ML Toy-Biz retro line.

    2. I'm curious about the Toy Biz retro line.

  2. That facial expression is perfect!

    I still think a great Fantastic Four movie can be made, but I argue that it should be a period piece set in the sixties or seventies. That's just the era that the title makes me think of.

    1. I do know somebody suggested they could the FF be from the 60's but their space travel has them time traveling after being cosmic rays besides giving them their powers.

    2. I think that the time travel aspect could work. It would allow the characters to keep their innocent charm and give them some fish out water scenarios that the studios enjoy.