Tuesday, June 27, 2017

WWE Elite Collection - ASUKA!

WWE Elite Collection Series 47 - NXT Wresting -  Asuka - Mattel 2016

There's something I have always loved about action figures with removable masks. My first action figure ever was a Remco G.I.Joe knockoff with an orange dragon mask and armor that you could take off. Then I was obsessed with "head-flipping" characters like Tigersharks and Mon-Starr from Silverhawks. But soon I found Zartan with a classic snap-on mask again and became a purist for that kind of simple accessory. It's still a pretty rare feature for a female action figure to have, so when I see one I always have to buy it. Aside from the cool mask, this Asuka figure also has the most outlandish outfit I have ever seen on a toy, and she's not even in a superhero costume! Plus she has a very different body style than 90% of the other WWE girls in this line (and my collection definitely needs some more diverse body types). Overall she's a great addition to my WWE ladies. Sometimes the higher price of the Elite figures can be hard to justify, but this one is unique enough to get a pass. Let's check out Asuka below!

Asuka comes with a figure stand and a cardboard "crowd" backdrop that clips into it. I believe all the figures in this wave come with a piece of the backdrop to build a panorama.

Time for some Comparison Pics!

Here she is next to the typical body style for the WWE line so far, Tamina.



  1. Asuka I always love. Even before she became Asuka. And really, this has been on my list of action figures I want. Plus, given I also love Ember Moon, hope she gets one so I can accompany her with Asuka.

    1. Did you see the Ember Moon revealed at SDCC? Your wish has been granted :)