Monday, June 26, 2017

WWE Wrestling - TAMINA!

WWE Basic Series 69 - WWE Women's Division - Tamina - Mattel 2016

I'm back again with another review of a figure from a line I swore I was done collecting. Mattel's WWE line never ceases to impress me with their inexpensive but unique looking toys. This Tamina figure has a body that we've seen re-used a billion times over the years, but her haircut and black outfit - not to mention that cocked-eyebrow taunt - make her a stand out figure to me. I've had her opened and photographed for months, but kept putting off posting her. Then I recently bought two more WWE ladies (with similar irresistible qualities) and that gave me the proper motivation to avoid a backlog and get this post up. Tamina was introduced as a villain in Raw in 2010. She then went on to SmackDown and NXT, and took part in the Divas Championship and the NXT Women's Championship. Eventually formed a trio with Naomi and Sasha Banks as Team B.A.D. (Beautiful and Dangerous) who were antagonists for Team Bella. (That's the story behind her shirt on this figure). Let's check out Tamina below!

Tamina comes with a miniature Slammy award. I forgot to take a picture of her holding it.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

I didn't realize until I was writing this review that I had another Tamina figure in my collection. Here she is next to the 2013 Figure.



  1. She would make a great custom X-Men Cargill/Frenzy figure! Someone with more talent than I should get on that.