Tuesday, July 25, 2017


DC Designer Series: Amanda Conner #4 - Santa Harley Quinn - DCC 2017

Merry Christmas in July! When I was in college 17 years ago (God that makes me feel old), I was taking some extra Summer classes and signed up for a day trip to the beach one July day. None of my friends could join so I went alone on the bus. I promptly fell asleep on the beach (as I'm prone to do) and was awakened hours later by a raucous scene. Parked ten feet in front of me on the sand was a pickup truck full of lifeguards in red swimsuits, sunglasses, with Santa hats and beards. They all had brass instruments and were trumpeting Christmas carols. Then another scantily-clad Santa approached and gave me a candy cane. They soon went on their way and I was left bewildered on a mostly empty beach thinking I had hallucinated. It wasn't until later that evening back on campus when I heard about this crazy thing called Christmas in July. It was quite a dramatic way to learn of the holiday. I was planning on holding off on this Harley post until December, but luckily I remembered good ol' July 25th!

Holiday Harley comes with a Christmasy giftwrapped mallet and bomb.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is the entire Amanda Conner Harley Line so far: Spacesuit, Traditional, Holiday, and Superhero.


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