Monday, July 24, 2017

Strange Friends - MAGGIE SQUIRREL!

Strange Friends Series 01 - Maggie Squirrel - Archie McPhee/Accoutrements 2016

I've always had a fondness for Accoutrements toys. When I first moved to my city from the boonies 15 years ago, there was a real boom of novelty gift shops happening. I swear there were greeting card and souvenir shops on every corner and all these shops had an assortment of Accoutrements products. The big action figures at the time were the Avenging Unicorn sets and all the quirky historic figures like Edgar Allen Poe, Jesus, and Jane Austen. I highly enjoyed them all, but the only ones I ever purchased were the historic ladies. Then recently I was checking out Archie McPhee (the website for Accoutrements) and saw these amazing Strange Friends figures. This is the same company that makes the rubber animal masks (that are all the rage these days), so these toys are a perfect cross-marketing scheme. I also have a serious obsession with animal-headed humans. My own art involves a lot of this imagery, so naturally this Maggie figure needed to be mine. Let's check out the Strange Friends below!

Maggie comes with an extremely limited six points of articulation.
But no one expects great poseability when it comes to novelty figures.

Here is a selection of the masks made by Archie McPhee/Accoutrements.

The other characters in Strange Friends Series 01 are Yuji Pigeon and Roscoe Pug.



  1. Weird. Disturbing. I can't unsee these. But so much fun. Always like Accoutrements.

    1. I opened these in front of some young impressionable family members and they were disturbed. I guess when I was 4 I hadn't seen animal-headed-people imagery yet either. I'm glad to broader their weirdness horizons.