Saturday, July 8, 2017


Rock Candy - Capt. Marvel, Thor, Spider-Gwen, She-Hulk, Mystique - Funko 2016

I've had this group of Marvel Rock Candy figures forever but have been delaying posting them out of sheer laziness. I'm really impressed with this line overall and I'm so glad to see it growing in leaps and bounds. It seems like every few weeks there's a new announcement, and I'm already finding myself being very selective with my purchases. If I manage to find the exclusive Gwenpool and Red She-Hulk Rock Candys in the next few weeks I'll want to post on them right away and I didn't want to be caught too far behind with this first Marvel wave. The Rock Candy line started a little over a year ago with a DC Wave and was followed up several months later with this first batch of Marvel figures. I was a little bummed when I realized that, yet again, the Marvel figures must be bobble-heads. But I found that by jamming some tissue up in the head you can make it stay still in a normal position and overall I'm very happy with this group. (I'm still shocked there wasn't a Masked Captain Marvel variant though). Let's check them out!

First up is a standard Spider-Gwen.

Spider-Gwen had a Masked Variant exclusive to Hot Topic. One thing to be picky about when buying this figure is the heaviness of the eye-shaped paint application. On most figures I thought it looked way too light. Mine is the darkest one I could find and I still wish it was darker like the image on the box.

Next is my favorite of the group, Jane Foster Thor. Her costume details and cape are amazing.

Next is Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel. My version suffers from an unruly bobble-head that doesn't like to stay in a natural position. Probably because it is so lightweight with no real hair or hood to keep it weighed down.

This She-Hulk is my second favorite. She also came in a Walmart-Exclusive Glow in the Dark version which I have never seen in person. It basically looks the same though so I'm not desperate to hunt it down. Although I love glowing things so if I found it and she looked good I would probably swap this one out. 

At D23 this year there is a Red She-Hulk repaint of this sculpt. I desperately want this as Red She-Hulk is one of my favorite Marvel heroines of the last decade. If anyone is going and can help me out, please drop me a line!

Here are the main four retail-release girls together.

And finally here is Mystique. She was an exclusive in the December 2016 Marvel Collectors Corps X-Men Box.



  1. I really like these, but I love Gwenpool and really hope I can find her :(

    1. Did you find her? I saw a bunch of her at different Gamestops. Unfortunately her paint quality can be quite sloppy. Hopefully you get a good one!