Thursday, July 6, 2017

Splatoon's INKLING GIRL!

World of Nintendo - 4" Series 2-5 - Splatoon's Inkling Girl - Jakks Pacific 2016

It takes a lot to get me interested in modern Video Games these days. I've been over first person shooter games since Doom. I don't have the hand coordination for all the new buttons. And all the new legacy games like Mario, Zelda, and Final Fantasy pale in comparison to the originals (imo). So my fascination with Splatoon is pretty special indeed. Splatoon is a 2015 3rd person shooter team game featuring these cool Inkling characters. They're little elf-like creatures that can morph into squids and blast each other with colorful ink (paintball-style). The Inklings have a variety of different appearances, but they all have domino masks, punky clothes, and cool hair. I especially love when their hair has squid tentacles like this Inkling Girl figure. Another cool aspect of the game are the teams. I'm always a sucker for monochromatic themes so seeing a group of blue, green, pink, or oranged-hued characters all together satisfies some deep aesthetic impulse within me. I love it all. Let's check out Inkling Girl below!

Inkling Girl comes with a paint gun and a backpack canister.

I really dig the character designs from this series. I'm hoping we get a couple more figures from the different color teams.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with Princess Peach and Princess Zelda (and a bunch of Pikmins just because).

And here she is with two Jazwares Sonic figures: Blaze and Wave.  The articulation of Inkling Girl reminded me a lot of this line.


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