Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Marvel Legends - (A-FORCE) SHE-HULK!

Marvel Legends - TRU Exclusive A-Force 6-Pack - She-Hulk - Hasbro 2017

This Jennifer Walter She-Hulk figure is surprisingly my least favorite of the entire A-Force box set. Considering how great Hasbro has been with releasing a variety of different body types lately, I'm really disappointed at how off-base this one seems. The ironic thing is that this buck was used on the 2013 Red She-Hulk figure, which I still think is a fantastic toy. But for some reason it seems like a dud on Jennifer. Maybe it has to do with the fact that her skull size is the smallest of the set, or maybe that she has the most bored vacant stare, or maybe it's that all the other figures are using much newer bodies (that are vastly superior in direct comparison). Some other gripes are that her eyes are sculpted too flat and tend to reflect light like a mirror from certain angles (I think this is the Betty Ross head with new hair), and also that her skin tone is a few shades too dark. It's just a bummer all-around, but only because my expectations have been so high lately. She is actually a perfectly decent figure. Let's check out She-Hulk below!

My she-Hulk has an additional production flaw of a shiny line swooping across her forehead. I imagine the rubbery hairpiece was accidentally glue in the wrong position and shifted back or something. Other figures I see on eBay do not have this line, I just got lucky.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with two older Marvel Legends She-Hulks: the Blob Series figure from 2007, and the Fin Fang Foom Series figure from 2008. The Blob figure on the left will remain as my benchmark Jennifer Walters for the time being.



  1. It's sad that after all the great ML ladies of the past year that we couldn't get a perfect She-hulk. 😞 All of the flaws that you mention are true, but I think the outdated hip joints bother me the most. I understand the reuse of parts, but retooling those old ball peg hips to the current method should have been a priority for this set. Jennifer never gets much respect. How about an appearance someday in the MCU?

  2. I agree. In a vacuum, the figure is fine. It's not like she's hideous or anything. She just suffers by comparison to all of the great female figures we've been getting from the Marvel Legends line the past two or three years. I think the shade of green they went with bothers me more than anything else. The shade of green used for the Savage She-Hulk figure is ideal to me. It wouldn't have helped with the hips, but I think the figure would have been more attractive in general. Hasbro has been pretty good about taking another shot at figures that didn't go over well with cars, so hopefully we'll see a single carded Jen with a bigger budget and a little more TLC in the future.

  3. Really? This She-Hulk figure looks fine to me. Then again, I love a lot of She-Hulk action figures that they never looked amiss to me.

  4. We got spoiled with that last Marvel Legends Sensational She Hulk and especially the SDCC version. It's also such a shame this figure is so bland, because other characters who used this body like Hela or Thundra are so fun, like She-Hulk should be.

    Her hair is pretty sensational though. I just wish we could have gotten some expression heads or extra hands.

  5. I'm surprised I seem to have missed this posting before, odd. Anyway, when the A-Force set was announced She Hulk, Sif and Lady Loki were the figures I was looking forward to the most. I ended up rather disappointed with the Shulkie fig, no problem with the reuse of the buck, but I think my major issues are with her skin tone being too dark and just looking rather bland, which I don't know has to do with the costume design or some combination of that, the dark green skin tone and sort of blank facial expression. I did pick up a couple extra after the prices came down and intend to repaint her with a lighter green to see if that makes any difference (I did recently repaint a bootleg Red She Hulk with Model Masyers deck green and used the A-Force head and it looked a LOT better).

  6. Am I alone in my belief that the short arms on this figure are also problematic?