Friday, September 1, 2017

The Ladies of the BEAT BUGS!

Netflix's Beat Bugs - Fab Figures Series 01 - Lucy, Kumi, & Buzz - Blip Toys 2017

Beat Bugs is a Canadian/Australian animated series that is exclusive to Netflix in the US. Similar to Yo Gabba Gabba, this show is heavily focused on music - specifically music that parents will actually enjoy hearing... on repeat... alllll day. In the case of Beat Bugs, every 12-minute mini-episode is based on a Beatles song and usually culminates with a guest character (voiced by a famous musician) singing the title song in full. So far the show has starred P!nk, Sia, Rod Stewart, James Corden, Robbie Williams, Eddie Vedder, Regina Spektor, and Jennifer Hudson among others. This is totally going to be my go-to timekiller next time I'm stuck babysitting. The toys surprised me this Summer when I saw them in a collectible toy shop while on vacation. I had never heard of the show before, but I'm a sucker for insect-themed cartoons. They were overpriced, but I splurged and bought the Dragonfly. Luckily Target got them soon so I was able to get the other girls soon. Let's check them out below!

Lucy is the figure that drew me to the set. But it's interesting that she got a figure since she's only in a single episode. She is a kind of a hippie doctor who helps the characters get rid of bad dreams. She sings Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (voiced by P!nk) - note her kaleidoscope eyes!

Kumi is the older female of the group. She is a ladybug and is kind of the level-headed protector and leader of the group.

Buzz is the child of the group. She is a fruit fly and is honestly pretty annoying. It's mostly because of the predictable "cute lisp" cartoons like this love to give to the youngest characters.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are Buzz, Lucy, and Kumi together.


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