Saturday, August 5, 2017

Marvel's Spider-Man - Animated SPIDER-GWEN!

Marvel's Spider-Man (Animated Series) - Spider-Gwen - Action Toys/ZD Toys 2017

I was very excited back in June when several news sites lit up with images of a mysterious set of Spider-Man figures showing up in China. These figures are based off an upcoming animated Disney XD show called Marvel's Spider-Man (August 19th premiere). When these images came out, not much was known about this show and these figures are probably the first real glimpse into the cast. The big question though is if these are licensed figures or straight-up bootlegs. The company name is pretty generic. It translates as "Action Toys" or "Moving Toys," their feet are embossed with "ZD Toys", and an accepted online colloquial title is Amitoys (but I can't figure out where that name came from). Last year this same company released a mysterious Marvel-Legends-like set of Avengers toys and currently they also have a few Guardians of the Galaxy figures trickling out. The figures are nicely made, inexpensive, accurate to the properties, and have original sculpts (and scales). These are very fascinating toys.

So these aren't bootlegs or knockoffs (since they have original sculpts and scales), but they may be unlicensed. The fact that previous lines from this company never saw release outside of China and the generic names attached to the characters add to that assertion. However, the figures themselves are copyrighted 2017 Marvel and there is a fancy Marvel hologram sticker on the packaging (I looked into make holograms before and it's a pricey endeavor). So overall I'm not sure what to think about their origin, but I know that they are really cool and worth the purchase.

The only thing that I don't like about this figure is that her arms seem a tiny bit too short. She has multiple hand accessories, and the outstretched fingers make her arms look a little longer (as opposed to the clenched-fist hands).

It's a shame the paint apps are missing from her shoulders. The webbing pattern is sculpted there, but it is plain white plastic.

The articulation is pretty great and unexpected. She has a ball-post head that lets you turn and nod, Her shoulders have ball joints with additional lat articulation, Her elbows and knees have double joints, she has an ab crunch and a swivel waist, she has ball jointed hips, upper thigh swivels, and her hands and feet are both post-swivels. I count 23 points of articulation. I wish the hands and feet were more ball-jointed so you could points her toes and give better thwip poses.

Here are her extra hands. She came packaged with one open hand and one fisted hand. I swapped the one hand before I took any photos and was afraid to attempt another swap for more photos. The hands aren't delicate persay, but there is a tiny connecting post with a ball at each end which was hard to control and I felt like I was damaging her forearm trying to manipulate it.

Here is the original image that popped up around May or June.

I translated the names and they are pretty generic. Gwen's says "White Woman Spider-Man" and Anya is "Brown Hair Girl Spider-Man."

Her hood comes off. It's just hanging loose around her neck. (This makes me want to customize a May or Petra Parker).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Spider-Gwen with the Anya Corazon Spider-Girl figure from the same set.
I assumed these two would share the same body, but they do not. Spider-Gwen measures 6.5" tall and Anya measures 6"

And with the 2016 Marvel Legends Spider-Gwen.



  1. Huh. That's interesting. China got the toyline for the new Spider-Man cartoon first.

    1. And if the pattern with this company continues, the Hasbro line we eventually get will be completely different. I'm looking forward to it!

  2. TBH I was trying to figure out what on Earth this figure line was. Because I first came across these on an Ebay listing, & I thought that they looked really nice but then again they could be fake. So after hours of searching the internet, I came across this site. Thanks for the information, I'm definitely picking one of these guys up when I get the chance.

  3. There are still a bunch of these on eBay and Aliexpress! I ordered Miles, Peter, and Spidey 2099. It's cool they have a figure of Miguel in this line even though he hasn't made an appearance in the series. :)