Monday, August 7, 2017

Marvel's Spider-Man - Anya Corazon SPIDER-GIRL!

Marvel's Spider-Man (Animated Series) - Spider-Girl - Action Toys/ZD Toys 2017

Anya Corazon is my favorite Spider-character ever. I have re-read the Spider-Girl: Family Values TPB a dozen times and it never gets old to me. There was something about her personality, combined with the great writing and art, that just made me fall in love with the character. I often preach about my observation that Batgirls and Spider-Girls parallel each other; Cassandra Cain and May Parker came out at roughly the same time, same with Burnside Batgirl and Spider-Gwen, but my two favorite parallels were Stephanie Brown and Anya Corazon. It's not too coincidental that Steph will be in the new season of Young Justice, just as Anya is announced to be a character in the upcoming Disney XD show Marvel's Spider-Man. I expect we'll see retail release Hasbro toys from this show eventually, but in the meantime we get these mysterious Chinese figures to tide us over and create nerdy intrigue. I'm super curious to see what else this company makes in the future. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled. Let's check out Anya below!

 So these aren't bootlegs or knockoffs (since they have original sculpts and scales), but they may be unlicensed. The fact that previous lines from this company never saw release outside of China and the generic names attached to the characters add to that assertion. However, the figures themselves are copyrighted 2017 Marvel and there is a fancy Marvel hologram sticker on the packaging (I looked into make holograms before and it's a pricey endeavor). So overall I'm not sure what to think about their origin, but I know that they are really cool and worth the purchase.

Like I mentioned in my last Spider-Gwen post, I think these figures have stubby arms. It really helps to have the non-fist hands on her to give the illusion of a longer arm. Also, this Anya figure has a huge head. Considering that Anya's body is scaled smaller than Spider-Gwen's, it's bizarre that her skull size is larger. I say skull size because I'm not considering her hair in the comparison, although that bulky hair certainly doesn't help her noggin to look any smaller.

I didn't get a good picture of it, but she has a blue Spider-logo between her shoulder-blades. The hair hides it.

I wish Anya's skintone was a few shades lighter. Her character is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent and she's always been represented in the comics with appropriately darker skin. But with this figure, her skin, hair, and lips blend together a little too much and kind of confuse the eye. Meanwhile, the Marvel Legends Anya seemed too light-skinned. In the comics, she is somewhere between the two. I'm curious to see how she looks in the cartoon.

The articulation is pretty great and unexpected. She has a ball-post head that lets you turn and nod, her shoulders have ball joints with additional lat articulation, her elbows and knees have double joints, she has an ab crunch and a swivel waist, she has ball jointed hips, upper thigh swivels, and her hands and feet are both post-swivels. I count 23 points of articulation. I wish the hands and feet were more ball-jointed so you could points her toes and give better thwip poses.

The chin-to-chest dramatic poses makes her head look way more proportional.

Here are her alternate hands. I didn't have any problems swapping them like I did with Gwen.

Here is the original image that popped up around May or June.

I translated the names and they are pretty generic. Gwen's says "White Woman Spider-Man" and Anya is "Brown Hair Girl Spider-Man."  When I first saw this image I thought Anya was some new Symbiote character.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Anya Spider-Girl with the Spider-Gwen figure from the same set.I assumed these two would share the same body, but they do not. Spider-Gwen measures 6.5" tall and Anya measures 6"

And here she is with her 2014 Marvel Legends figure.



  1. At the very least, good that Anya Corazon has a new action figure but also gets her media appearance like a cartoon. It's funny, before I knew her as Spider-Girl, I own the first issue of Arana, her original superhero identity.

    1. I have the little digest-size GN of her Arana stories. I never really liked that costume or the art, but I started to appreciate it after the Spider-Girl series started. (And I can't stop making these comparisons, but I felt the same way about Spoiler.. I thought she was very boring until she became Batgirl and I started looking into her past).