Monday, September 25, 2017

Star Wars Elite Series - REY (JEDI TRAINING)!

Star Wars Elite Series - Die-Cast 6" Rey (Jedi Training) - Disney Store Exc 2017

I am really growing quite fond of the the Disney Store exclusive Star Wars: Elite Series die-cast action figures. I'm sure they don't sell a fraction as well as the similarly scaled 6" Black Series toys from Hasbro, but that doesn't seem to stop them from being produced. I got scared when I saw a ton of Elite figures (mostly Rogue One) on clearance for just $5.99 earlier this Summer, but sure enough they still pushed out a Last Jedi line for Force Friday. I hope the line stays successful because I would love a Leia or two and some Ewoks, if not a whole slew of Expended Universe female Jedis. (Also, I think a Marvel line like this would sell like hotcakes). This Rey figure is a major improvement over the Force Awakens version. The face in particular looks a thousand times more like Daisy Ridley then the first figure. I wonder if they are using the same new face-scanning techniques that Hasbro is now employing. Whatever they're changes have been, it's working. Let's check out the Elite Series Rey below!

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The only weird things about this figure are some obvious non-hidden joints (which happens with metal figures), oversaturated skin tone, and bendy weapons. But overall she's great.

Rey comes with a gun, her staff, and her lightsaber. The weapons with these figures are super rubbery and flexible compared with all the Hasbro versions.

I can never figure out how she's supposed to carry her staff.

Thought I should highlight the rather ungainly screws in her triceps. It's par for the course with die-cast figures, but it's not the most aesthetic feature.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the Elite Series Rey from the Force Awakens.

And with the Black Series Last Jedi Rey from Hasbro.

And with the 12" figure.


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