Saturday, September 23, 2017

Batman & Harley Quinn HARLEY QUINN!

Batman & Harley Quinn - Blu-Ray Best Buy Exc Figurine - Warner Bros 2017

I really love the trend of deluxe DVD/Blu-Ray sets including little figurines. The first one I remember was the 2009 Wonder Woman animated movie. This included an awesome animated-style Infinite Heroes figure of Diana. The trend soon moved away from actual action figures to stationary figurines. The next one that caught my eye was a Catwoman figurine from the Batman: Year One movie, soon followed by another Catwoman with Dark Knight Rises and a Harley Quinn from Batman: Assault on Arkham. Then there was a brief period where Schliech took over the figurine production. But now it seems like the tried and true Gentle Giant have taken over the duties. This new Batman & Harley Quinn movie is written by Bruce Timm and drawn in The New Adventures of Batman style. Even Batman and Nightwing have the classic voice actors. It's a very entertaining movie and I highly recommend it. And while you're at it, get the special edition with the cool figurine. Let's check out Harley Quinn below!

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So here is the unexpected bonus with this Best Buy Exclusive Set. The figurine set you see at Target and Walmart costs $24.99, but the Best Buy set costs $29.99. I felt a little robbed when I realized the price difference (I assumed the figurine set was exclusive to Best Buy like some of the previous sets so I bought it on release day without shopping around). But it turns out that the Best Buy version includes a (mini - 4" x 5") 96-page original graphic novel. The stories and art are really truly great and are totally worth the extra $5 in my opinion.

Catwoman is not in the movie, but I love the way she's drawn in the book - a cool hybrid between TNBA and traditional comic art.

The film has a ton of unofficial cameos by way of a hero-themed Hooters-esque restaurant.

FYI Poison Ivy and Floronic Man are the villains in the film. And in a fantastic move by the writers, the Joker doesn't appear at all. In the bonus features they talk about how they want to truly have Harley on her own and not be defined by her relationship with Mistah J.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is my DVD figurine collection: Assault on Arkham Harley, Batman & Harley Quinn Harley, Dark Knight Rises Catwoman, and Batman Year One Catwoman. It's a shame that the new Gentle Giant figure isn't in the same scale as the rest, but the overall quality is an improvement so it's hard to complain.

From Left to Right: DCC TNBA Harley, Batman & Harley Quinn DVD Figurine, NJCroce TNBA Harley.


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