Friday, September 29, 2017

Transformers Legends - SLIPSTREAM!

Transformers Legends Series (Japan) - LG-16 Slipstream - Takara Tomy 2015

Sometimes posting reviews of Transformers stresses me out. I have anxiety about breaking figures as I transform them, the posing is very different from standard action figures, and they often have metallic paints which are tricky to photograph. So all that is my excuse for waiting two years to review this figure. I summoned some motivation and opened/photographed five Transformers last night that I have been procrastinating on forever. My main motivation was seeing Slipstream in robot form and she did not disappoint. Slipstream is a female clone of Starscream that was introduced in Transformers: Animated. Starscream made a lot of clones of himself in this series, but Slipstream had the most staying power. This is actually the third figure of her. The first being a weird Botcon repaint of Starscream (with lips) and then a small Kre-O block figure. This Takara Tomy Legends is by far the best one though. She is a retooled Windblade with a new head and torso, but the smirky face and bright colors make her feel wholly original.

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I just love the design of this character. This is the first fembot with any kind of personality in the facial sculpt. Plus this color scheme was my personal fashion trademark in Middle School. I even pretended to be a Charlotte Hornets fan just to wear this palette as often as possible.

Slipstream's head is cast in clear plastic and her eyes seem to be painted with a a translucent red paint. The light-piping effect isn't as impressive as it is when the plastic itself is tinted, but it's better than her sculpt-twin Airazor's opaque painted eyes.

Her gun accessories also clip nicely to her forearms.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Slipstream shares her entire body sculpt with Airazor (although Slipstream came out a year before).

And here are all three of the Legends Fembots that came out in this wave: Blackarachnia, Slipstream, and Nightbird.


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