Thursday, November 16, 2017

Batman Classic TV Series - BATGIRL Bust!

Batman Classic TV Series - Yvonne Craig Batgirl Mini-Bust - Diamond Select 2016

There is something so spectacular about the bright purple and yellow Batgirl from the classic 1960's Batman show. I have fuzzy memories of what my first exposure to Batgirl really was. It was either random Super Friends merchandise (like coloring books or lunch boxes), back issues of Batman Family or Brave and Bold, or the lovely Yvonne Craig in syndication on TV. I tend to think the show was the actual first glimpse, but they all happened around the same time in the mid-80s for me who know knows really. As an adult, the purple look is definitely my most nostalgic though, and that exclusive feeling is amplified by the overall lack of Yvonne Batgirl merchandise. I first saw this mini-bust in the DST booth at NYTF several years ago (I was allowed to take photos of her, but I was asked not to share them online). And I've been pining for her ever since. I actually got her as a Christmas present last year, but I didn't open her till last week. I don't know why the hell I waited, but she's worth it. Let's check her out!

So you may notice from the pictures above that her facepaint gives her a stunned deer-in-headlights expression. Her pupils are really tiny and there is a white highlight centered on each one. Plus her skintone looks very plastic. I gave her a quick touchup by widening her pupils, moving the highlight, darkened her lower lash, and tinted her eyelid and lips. It was quick, but I'm happy.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the recent Batman the Animated Series bust.

And here she is with the Julie Newmar Catwoman bust. I was also unhappy with the eyes on that bust so you're seeing a half-assed attempt to correct them.


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