Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Transformers Legends - NIGHTBIRD SHADOW!

Transformers Legends Series (Japan) - LG-15 Nightbird - Takara Tomy 2015

One of the most nostalgic moments from my childhood was watching the Season 2 Transformers episode Enter the Nightbird. I was seven years old and this episode formed a lot of what I still love about sci-fi stories. Nightbird was a powerful ninja robot created by human scientists. She looked awesome and was mysteriously mute. The Autobots were asked to protect her, but the Decepticons crashed the party and stole her. Without any delay, the bad guys reprogrammed her, made her more powerful, and unleashed her stealth ninja skills on the Autobots. She broke into their base and stole all kinds of valuable information. And every time she was confronted, she kicked major butt. Her downfall only comes about because of typical Decepticon in-fighting. And then as she is sadly deprogrammed and being put into storage, she stirs and gives one last ominous stare. As a kid, this episode was positively Oscar-worthy. Nightbird has received a lot of 3rd Party love, a Kre-O, and now this beautiful TakaraTomyLegends figure.

Nightbird has light-piping in her eyes to make them glow when backlit. I love this feature so much. The only unfortunate thing is that the yellow plastic and dark painted face make them look indistinguishably dim in regular light.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Nightbird with two 3rd Party figures: The ImpossibleToys Nightbird Function Ninja and the ImpossibleToys TRNS-EX1 Nightbird (TFCon Exclusive).

Here is the Generations Arcee figure which shares most of the same mold.

And here she is with the other two TakaraTomy Legends Fembots released at the same time: Blackarachnia and Slipstream.


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