Saturday, November 4, 2017

Iron Studios CATWOMAN Statue!

DC Comics 1:10 Polystone Statue - Catwoman (Ivan Reis) - Iron Studios 2017

I don't know what's coming over me but lately I've become more and more accepting of the 90's purple Catwoman outfit. At the time it was introduced, I hated this look so much. I was in love with the gray catsuit that preceded it in the late 80s, but that purple one looked all nude-illusion body paint with hooker boots, gritted teeth, and permed hair. I was in middle school when this look was unveiled and I just thought it was disappointingly lame. It was the first of many comic-based disappointments for me in that most-extreme-of-decades, but it was probably the one that hit home the most. But lately I've come to terms with this costume being represented in my collection (as long as I don't have to read those old comics). I think this statue from the Brazil-based Iron Studios is absolutely gorgeous. When I saw it a few years ago at a convention I knew I would have to budget for it. They had a great display at NYCC last month and I'm excited about future products from them. Let's check out this 1/10 scale Catwoman below!

The packaging has a velcro-sealed display window which I wasn't even aware of until I ripped apart the packaging.

She is affixed to the base with a single thick peg coming out of the sole of her foot. She can therefore be rotated in any direction to make room for the whip on the ground, but she isn't as movable as the magnetic-footed ArtFx figures (which are this same scale)

This statue is designed by comic artist Ivan Reis, which makes sense since he is also Brazilian like Iron Studios. But at the same time, I'm pretty sure he never drew Catwoman in a published book, despite a long list of work for DC. His style is so classic though that it makes for a great design choice so I'm excited to see more statues.

The original solicits show an alternate right arm holding a cat. I haven't seen this in person. Maybe the plans got scrapped or maybe it's an exclusive variant I haven't seen yet.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the 2013 ArtFx+ Catwoman Statue. 
I love how similar in scale these two statues are.


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