Friday, December 8, 2017

The New Female Dinobot - SLASH!

Transformers: Power of the Primes - 3.75" Series 01 - Slash - Hasbro 2017

I'm always torn about female Transformers that don't outwardly appear female. It shouldn't matter. They don't have biological forms, and including an exaggerated hourglass body shape or a gigantic chest is just ridiculous. But still, I find myself loving characters that appear typically feminine (like the upcoming Moonracer), and being lukewarm about androgynous characters like Slash here. Slash was a surprise that I first learned about last week. This is the first official toy of a female Dinobot, despite the fact that the (male) Slash character from the movie was originally intended to be female. This is also the first 3.75" Transformers figure I've ever bought. It's an interesting scale and I would definitely pick up more. I also really want to support this Power of the Primes line in any way possible because the female figures on the horizon (Elita-1, Firestar, and Moonracer) are some of my most sought-after toys ever and I want to ensure I get them in my greedy little hands. Let's check out the Dinobot Slash below!

FYI I learned some new slang today. "Slash" is shortform for fictional (usually very adult) character pairings in fanfic. So if you Google "Transformers Slash" like I just did, brace yourself for some delightfully inappropriate robotic fanart.

Slash's Dinosaur mode is a raptor. Similar to the 3rd Party figures I reviewed last winter, I love that the beast mode is a ferocious hunter. I think a typical choice would be for a more gentle dinosaur.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Slash with the two 3rd Party Lost Exo-Realm fembots from earlier this year - Comera and Echara.

And here she is with the Battle Pack Strongarm. I thought these were the same scale, but obviously they are not.



  1. I'm glad they didn't give this figure "curves". I'm tired of seeing sexualized robots for crying out loud!

  2. Good lord, the jokes and story possibilities just write themselves for this character! Of course Wheeljack would have to build her with a "simple brain" like the other Dinobots, but like how Grimlock is full of himself because he king, Slash would have a similar ego because "Me Slash clever girl!" She's not as overly sexualized as some other femmebots out there (Helloooooo Kingdom Blackarachnia!), but her "curves" would still drive the Dinobots completely wild... yet they're too stupid to know what to DO with those feelings.
    "Oh, hi Grimlock."
    "Um... Me Grimlock like you!"
    And then he runs off, giggling like a 5-year-old and destroying everything in his path. The Dinobots find themselves in the city to accomplish some mission when they pass a young mother and her child. Slash's incredibly crude but well-intentioned motherly instincts kick in, "Me Slash LOVE babies!", she picks it up as gently and carefully as anyone would, but all the humans can see is this horrible, jagged monster coming after them and start panicking.
    "Me Slash do bad?"
    "New parents VERY over-pertective."
    Naturally she's still kicking ass and taking names with the same proficiency as everyone else, but tell me you can't see the comedic potential with her. lol