Friday, March 9, 2018

Marvel Legends - DOMINO!

Marvel Legends - Deadpool Wave (Sasquatch BaF) - Domino - Hasbro 2018

Domino is my absolute favorite thing to come out of X-Books in the 90s. I know there's a lot of love for Jim Lee era X-Men and whatnot, and I definitely appreciated all that, but I was firmly rooted in the New Mutants and X-Force camps. The mysterious Domino intrigued me so much as a kid. She seemed to be the only first link to Cable's past, her powers were ambiguous, but most of all she looked awesome. Then to top it all off, a little more that a year after her introduction, we learned that the "Domino" we knew and loved was actually the impostor, Copycat. My 13 year old mind was blown. I didn't really keep up with her stories since the mid-90s, but I'm looking forward to her new solo series that starts next month. There has been a small selection of Domino merchandise over the years, but I honestly haven't loved any of it. And if I was being perfectly honest, I'm not over-the-moon with this figure either. It's decent, but for some reason it seems like another character just painted to resemble Domino. Let's check her out!

This figure is fine. I think I just expected her to be taller and have a fiercer expression.  I only nitpick characters like this when I really love them and my expectations are high.

Domino comes with purple guns because she's so feminine I guess.

I'm not sure if her boots are comic accurate or just random, but they make her seem shorter.

Domino comes with the Right Arm for the Build-a-Figure Sasquatch. I hope this means we might see more Alpha Flight figures in this line.

I don't think I've ever seen Domino not having a stern aggressive expression, so this calm face just throws me off.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. I think her face sculpt looks a bit like Victoria Beckham

  2. You're right, this IS another figure painted to look like Domino. The body is very clearly just a repaint of Mockingbird's. She's still a good figure, but are they getting that cheap with some of these figures now? :/