Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Marvel Legends - PROXIMA MIDNIGHT!

Marvel Legends - Avengers: Infinity War - Wave 1 - Proxima Midnight - Hasbro 2018

As much as I love Marvel Legends, one fear has been creeping into my head lately. That is that this line could go the way of Mattel's WWE figures and just keep recycling the same three bucks over and over again. Sure, the Hasbro Legends bucks are amazing and work so well together, but sometimes you need someone big. The recent A-Force She-Hulk was okay, but I honestly wished she looked bigger and stronger. But then this Proxima Midnight figure came out and assuaged all my fears. When a character requires a unique body type, Hasbro clearly isn't afraid to flex their muscles and give us something new. Proxima Midnight is a member of the Black Order (named the Children of Thanos in the movie), a group of ruthless aliens who follow Thanos like a cult. I predict an epic Mrs. Weasley/Bellatrix level confrontation between Gamora, Nebula, and Proxima. That father/daughter dynamic is toxic in different ways for each of them. Can't wait until the Infinity War. Let's check out Proxima Midnight below!

So it's difficult to realize her scale without reference, but this Proxima figure stands 7.25" tall, which is an inch taller than the average Legends female.

I'm really starting to like the movie interpretation of Proxima's costume. All the same elements are there, but the comic version has a silhouette that is a little too similar to Hela with a wide headdress and a tall statuesque body. I like that version (and I hope we get a comic Proxima too), but I understand the need to differentiate their designs.

Proxima comes with the Torso Build-a-Figure piece for Thanos (Movie version).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Proxima with another MCU baddie: the Thor Ragnarok Hela figure. Hela is one of the taller Marvel Legends females out there, and you can see how Proxima towers over her.

And here she is with her wave-mate, Songbird. Songbird has a standard Legends buck and is approximately one inch shorter than Proxima.


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