Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Power Rangers Legacy GameStop Exc - Zeo 1 Pink and 2 Yellow - Bandai 2018

Power Rangers Zeo is the 4th season of the American Power Rangers franchise from 1996 and based on the Japanese Chouriki Sentai Ohranger. At first glance of the costume details and the Megazord, I always assumed this series was Egyptian themed (with weird "shape" vizors). But in reading about it now, I learned that they are based on an ancient unknown (fictional) Pangaean civilization. Each of the Ohrangers is also numbered - Pink 1, Yellow 2, Blue 3, Green 4, Red 5, and Gold 6. The visor symbols are representative of those numbers, Pink with a circle, Yellow with two lines, Blue with a triangle, Green with a square, etc. I always though the designs were random, so it's nice to know there's some sort of order. These two female Zeo Ranger figures were conspicuously absent from the waves hitting the big box stores and the rumors were that they would be GameStop exclusives. And sure enough this week they showed up at GameStops everywhere (on the website too). Let's check them out below!

The Yellow Zeo Ranger comes with the Left leg of Zeo Megazord, a gun, a mini staff, and holsters for each.

The Pink Zeo Ranger comes with the Right leg of Zeo Megazord, a gun, a mini staff, and holsters for each.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are my three Pink Legacy figures so far: MMPR, Zeo, and Space.

And the same with the Yellows: MMPR, Zeo, and Space.

And of course the Blue one: Ninja Storm Blue.


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