Thursday, August 2, 2018

Batman Missions 12" True Moves BATGIRL!

Batman Missions: True Moves 12" - Basic Series 01 - Batgirl - Mattel 2018

Ever since I started buying 12" action figures a few years ago I have been wishing for a Batgirl to add to my collection. I'm loving that her Burnside incarnation has made her a more popular character for the general public. I'm frankly surprised her role in the Batman Animated Universe didn't have the same effect, but I'm glad it happened eventually. Just walking around Target recently I saw Batgirl keychains, backpacks, t-shirts, water bottles, etc. There's a certain level of public awareness for a character before they get that kind of treatment, especially if they haven't been in a movie or live-action show in over 20 years. Sure, Batgirl has almost always had a presence in the action figure aisles, but until recently it was solely aimed at collectors. And as much as I love the fancy collector lines, I also want figures like this - with bright colors, minimal paint apps, and cheap price tags. There's also a 6" Batgirl coming (although I suspect she has a jetpack instead of a cape). Let's check out the 12" Batgirl below!

Notice how the images on the packaging have her with a black cape? That is the comic accurate look and I prefer it. The figure shown at Toy Fair back in February had a black cape as well. But the actual solicitation pics that first showed up on the Walmart website a few months ago have always had a yellow cape and it appears that all the final product will have yellow as well.

Batgirl's articulation is pretty great, but it's nothing new for  recent 12" Mattel figures (DC and Halo).

This Batgirl uses an upscaled Burnside Batgirl Multiverse figure headsculpt.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Batgirl with my two favorite 12" DC ladies so far: Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and Batman Unlimited Wonder Woman. Batgirl is significantly shorter. I'm not sure if that is to represent her age or if this line has a new scale entirely.



  1. She is very cool! I haven't been buying as much Batgirl stuff lately (as there is so much now compared to a few years ago) but this is one I plan on tracking down.

  2. Just picked up this figure for the grandsons. I really like. The articulation and overall figure are very appealing. They like it too. Good post.