Wednesday, June 22, 2016

12" Suicide Squad - HARLEY QUINN!

DC Comics Multiverse - 12" Suicide Squad - Harley Quinn - Mattel 2016

I love those rare occasions where collectors are surprised by a final product being nicer than the solicitations. I had absolutely no intention of buying this 12" Harley Quinn Multiverse until I found her in Toys R Us today and fell in love with her. The images previously shown of her had looked awkward and cheap. But in person she's practically perfect. I was trying to scrutinize the face to determine if she had been resculpted, but I think her extreme makeover is solely due to better paint apps. This is now the fourth 12" figure in my collection. The Multiverse figures are roughly 3 times the cost of the Batman Unlimited figures which share very similar bucks and articulation (knees and waist articulation is new). The extra money comes into play with elaborate costume details, excellent face sculpting and paintjobs, and of course accessories. I actually think it's a good value considering the quality of the figure. I'll definitely be picking up more in this scale. Let's check out the Suicide Squad 12" Harley Quinn below!

Before I get to far, here is the solicit image shown on various toy sites (and on the packaging itself).
The face paint is 100% improved over this early look.

The torso portion of Harley's coat is technically removable if you're patient. The gun in the armpit holster is molded in and does not detach. 

Harley's only accessory is her baseball bat. 

Harley's knees and waist are the two additional points of articulation distinguishing her from the Batman Unlimited figures.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the comic-style Harley from the Batman Unlimited line.



  1. I wish there were a better way to convey the fishnets, but colour me surprised - totally agree with you that it looks far better than the solicit pictures!

    1. Yeah the gray legs could have some painted or sculpted detail to make them look like fishnets, but I hate it when they put real fishnets on toys, so I'll gladly take this over the alternative.

  2. Omg!! It's perfect!I can see clearly her tattoos ♥
    Your review was very helpful! Thank you so much, dear ♥

  3. The Mexican version dont have the red heels, knee articulation and leg tattoos :(