Sunday, August 12, 2018

Big Hero 6 The Series - GO GO TOMAGO!

Big Hero 6: The Series (5" Action Figures) - Go Go Tomago - Bandai 2018

You know I was just reading over my reviews for the Big Hero 6 toys from the 2014 movie and I'm embarrassed to say I still haven't seen it, despite my excitement at the time. So today I checked all my streaming services (Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and HBOGo - I'm kinda spoiled) but it's not available anywhere. So I'll have to go off what I know from the comics and have read online. In the comics, Go Go Tomago is an imprisoned gang member who is given a second chance at freedom by helping test a new exosuit (which enables her to turn into a ball of energy and move at hyper-fast speeds). In the Disney version, she is a high school tech-geek who develops her own suit featuring electromagnetic disks. Despite not having see the movie or the animated series, I just know Go Go will be my favorite character. I didn't even know the television series existed (it started October 2017) until I stumbled across these new toys in Target. They are significantly larger than the movie toys. Let's check out Go Go Tomago below!

The honey Lemon figure shown on the cardback does not seem to be released yet. I went to a million Targets in the past week (hunting for a variety of different things) and I feel like I consistently saw the same 4 characters. She's also not on Amazon or eBay. I'm sure the second wave will be out soon.

A great detail that I love about this figure is the use of moth matte and glossy finishes. All the yellow (and her hair) are high gloss, but her skin and gray/black bodysuit is matte. I always view smart uses of finish as a sign of quality.

These figures look pretty great, and I love the scale. However, I'm a little bummed they don't have more articulation. There are no wrist, ankle, or waist cuts on Go Go. She has a ball-jointed head (but it has very limited motion), hinge-and-swivel shoulders, ball joints hips, and hinge elbows and knees.

Go Go comes with her signature electromagnetic disks.  The bigger ones clip on her ankles and the smaller ones on her wrists.

Here are some images of Go Go.  The first three are from the 2014 Movie (ie.. the CGI images). The final picture is what she looks like in the new series.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Go Go with her 2014 Theatrical version.


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