Tuesday, August 14, 2018

DC SuperHero Girls - CHEETAH!

DC Comics Super Hero Girls - 6" Action Figure Series - Cheetah - Mattel 2018

I'm really sad about how much the DC SuperHero Girls action figure line has slowed down. After the initial release back in 2016, there have only been four new characters released: Katana in late 2016, Hawkgirl and Starfire in 2017, and finally this Cheetah in 2018 (and of course the unexpected Beast Boy). It's really been a slow trickle. There have been rumors of the brand being rebooted for over a year and then this Summer the Lauren Faust redesigned series was unveiled. I really like her designs, but I question whether they will be as toy friendly as this initial line. Some additional information came out saying that the new design and cartoon is in addition to the popular Web Series. So maybe there is hope that we might see some additional characters in this series. I feel like Catwoman, Jessica Cruz, Killer Frost, and Star Sapphire are a glaring absence. But if this Cheetah does happen to be the final character in the line, at least it's going out on a major high note. She is just a terrific figure. Let's check her out below!

I really dig all the paint details on this figure: The cheetah spots, the decal on her shirt, the stripes on her leggings, and especially her eyes.

The articulation is the same as all the other figures in this line. It was a pipe dream, but I thought ankle joints would be smart on a running character. Plus, I'm surprised the tail is not articulated at the base. I'm not an engineer but I would think a plug to attach the tail could easily rotate if it weren't glued in. Don't get me wrong though, I am smitten with this figure.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Cheetah alongside the two most recent DC Super Hero Girls figures: Hawkgirl and Starfire.



  1. My daughter loves the DC superhero girls but she has definitely been disappointed by the limited number of characters. She collects the larger figures but even those have been pretty limited.

  2. "I feel like Catwoman, Jessica Cruz, Killer Frost, and Star Sapphire are a glaring absence"


    Carol has such a cute design in that series and I LOVE Jessica and I want figures of them very much honestly.

    I'm glad we at least have ONE figure for J-Bird - outside of Bombshells anyway (which is fab but which I CANNOT afford sadly) - even if I can't freaking find one, but it'd be wonderful if, having introduced her to DCSHG continuity and having made her a major player in their regular DC Comics Rebirth lineups including having had her co-star as a primary character in a semi-solo title for two dang years now, they would GIVE US MORE FIGS OF HER ALREADY. I would practically kill for a Funko Pop or Rock Candy of her for instance :(

    But even DCSHG has a cute design for her - very similar to her usual one - which would be adorbs in almost any figure style I think, from this to Rock Candy (guh, did I mention I want a Rock Candy fig of her? I SO want a Rock Candy fig of her, the uniform would transfer pretty beautifully to that style).

  3. Cool figure. I've been collecting these as well. Wish they would make more. Great styling and sculpting.