Monday, September 17, 2018

Robotech - LYNN MINMEI!

Robotech - Action Figures Series 1 (Macross Saga) - Lynn Minmei - Toynami 2018

I really love animation. Especially properties from the 1970s and 1980s. And even if a movie or show is terrible, I still usually find find some silver lining and appreciate the overall effort. Consistently though, my biggest issues have revolved around music. Specifically when a character or characters sing an irritating song. My number one example is Rankin and Bass's Return of the King from 1980. The music makes that film (almost) unwatchable for me. A close second is Lynn Minmei's song stylings in Robotech. In the show she is a beauty pageant contestant and pop star in Macross City.  The memories of those songs still make me cringe. Although I must admit I recently rewatched the whole series on Netflix and for the first time I was able to sit all the way though her performances. Minmei is the only figure from the 1985 Matchbox line that I never picked up, so I'm super glad we got this great updated figure in the first wave. And she's actually wearing my favorite outfit of hers. Let's check her out below!

These figures have decent articulation: Ball neck, waist swivel, ball-post hips, hinge knees, hinge and swivel shoulders, and swivel wrists. The big missing features are elbows and ankles. Her skirt hinders the leg articulation quite a bit.

Minmei's hairpiece is removable, although she doesn't have a swappable helmet like the other characters.

When these figures were first shown at SDCC in 2016, they were pretty different. Overall, the final product looks better, but it's shame they lost the elbow articulation. (as well as bicep swivels, hip swivels, and ankle cuts). Pics from Toyark.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all the figures from the first series: Miriya, Max Sterling, Lynn Minmei, Rick Hunter, and Roy Fokker.


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