Saturday, September 15, 2018

Robotech - MIRIYA!

Robotech - Action Figures Series 1 (Macross Saga) - Miriya - Toynami 2018

Robotech is one of those 1980's properties that was just way ahead of its time. In fact, I honestly didn't appreciate it until the mid-90s while it was in heavy syndication on the SciFi Channel (and later Cartoon Network). Robotech is composed of three independent Anime series edited into once long multi-generational space odyssey - which is blasphemy for anime purists, I know - but it was my first real exposure to Anime so I will always adore it.  In the mid-80s there was a commendable toy series from Matchbox and Harmony Gold. It was missing tons of core characters, but it included at least five females from across the three chapters. The problem is that all the figures had really weird headsculpts. They made early GIJoes look like masterpieces. Surprisingly it took 33 years to get new action figures, but they are gorgeous so it was worth the wait. Now I just want a Lisa Hayes and Claudia (Not to mention all the characters from the Masters and New Generation). Let's check out Miriya below!

These figures have decent articulation: Ball neck, waist swivel, ball-post hips, hinge knees, hinge and swivel shoulders, and swivel wrists. The big missing features are elbows and ankles.

Miriya only comes with two accessories: a helmet and a cropped hairpiece for under the helmet.

When these figures were first shown at SDCC in 2016, they were pretty different. Overall, the final product looks better, but it's shame they lost the elbow articulation. (as well as bicep swivels, hip swivels, and ankle cuts). Pics from Toyark.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Miriya with her 1985 Matchbox figure.

Here are the star-crossed lovebirds, Max Sterling and Miriya. I hope there is a second series with their daughter Dana so we can have the whole family.

Here is Miriya with the 2012 Voltron Allura. I was kind of hoping these two would be in the same scale because they represent my earliest anime obsessions. Oh well.

Here are all the figures from the first series: Miriya, Max Sterling, Lynn Minmei, Rick Hunter, and Roy Fokker.

They all (except Minmei) have alternate cropped hairpieces and helmets.


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