Tuesday, October 9, 2018

DC Multiverse Rebirth HARLEY QUINN!

DC Multiverse (Lex Luthor) Walmart Exc Gotham Girls - Harley Quinn - Mattel 2018

At some point I'm going to have to stop buying Harley Quinn figures. It seems like every time I blink there is a new one tempting me and my Harley shelf is positively overflowing. So far though I can only think of a single one that I intentionally skipped (and I won't mention the exact one since I'm friendly with the sculptor). But most figures, including this comic style Rebirth one, are so unique that I feel I need to have that version represented in my collection. Plus I am very impressed with the direction that the DC Multiverse figures have been heading recently and I want to support the line to ensure this momentum continues. The upcoming Vixen, Hawkgirl, and Starfire look especially good and I can't wait to see what is next. These recent Harley comic designs are interesting because they incorporate pieces from Suicide Squad and the Arkham Series games while also seeming to retain a style all their own. But we all know she will change her look again, so it's just fun to sit back and observe her evolution unfold.

So, similar to previous Multiverse exclusives that we saw in the Suicide Squad and King Shark lines, Spoiler and Harley Quinn are a Walmart Exclusive sub-line (known as the Gotham Girls assortment) that include variant Collect-c-Connect pieces for the Lex Luthor wave. The exclusive TRU Robin came with an alternate hammerhead head for King Shark, and the Amazon Exclusive Suicide Squad figures came with alternate pieces for Killer Croc. In this case, Harley comes with the alternate Mother Box accessory got "God of Apokalips Lex Luthor" and Spoiler comes with his head. The rest of the Luthor wave (with the standard head and accessories) has not hit retail yet.

Harley comes with a signature Mallet, a gag pistol with a "bang" flag, and two ankle pom-poms.

In addition to all the articulation we've come to expect from the Multiverse line, this figure also has articulated ponytails which add a lot of variation to her posing.

Harley also comes with the Lex Luthor God of Apokalips C-n-C Mother Box accessory.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with her wave-mate from this 2-figure Walmart Exclusive Gotham Girls wave, the enigmatic Spoiler.

And here she is with the recent Batman Missions Harley figure. They share the same general design and possibly use the same headsculpt, just scaled to different sizes.



  1. Now I'm curious which one you skipped!! Lol

    1. If you look at all the Harley Toys to have ever comes out, I think you'll find one is especially heinous. Or your could do a process of elimination and see which one I DIDN'T post on haha. But either way my lips are sealed ;)

    2. I figured it out! (I think.) And oh dear god do I understand. That outfit is a...choice. D: