Thursday, October 11, 2018

Kingdom Builders - LADY TWIST!

Kingdom Builders - Series 01 Action Figures - Lady Twist - Little Tikes 2018

When I think back to the preschool toys that lined the shelves when I was a little kid, I have trouble thinking of many female action figures. Sure Fisher-Price's Adventure People had a decent number of women, but their roles were hardly adventurous (at least compared to their male counterparts). I can remember seeing a cavewoman from the Definitely Dinosaurs line in the Christmas catalogs, but never actually seeing her in a store. That lack of female presence among preschool action figures is why I got so excited over this new Lady Twist toy from the Kingdom Builders line by Little Tikes. Even that brand name hearkens back to my childhood (I honestly didn't even realize Little Tikes still existed). Kingdom Builders is a medieval fantasy line where (most of) the characters transform into actual tools that can be used to dismantle and reform the playsets. There is also a CGI animated YouTube series to promote the toys. It's a really fun concept and I hope it proves successful. Let's check out Lady Twist below!

Lady Twist comes with her screwdriver sword.

Lady Twist has pretty limited articulation (which is expected from a preschool toy). She has hinge-and-swivel shoulders, hinge ("jumping jack") hips, knee swivels, and her head has some light nodding action (no swivel).

Here is her transformed mode as a screwdriver. Most of the characters have tool modes with their arms sticking straight out. In the cartoon they jump and spin like a cyclone.

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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  1. Dude! I saw her just TODAY and went looking for reviews and couldn't find anything. Way to stay on top of stuff! Definitely gonna pick one up now. Thanks!