Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers - GADGET!

Disney Afternoon - Series 02 - Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers - Gadget -Funko 2018

Sometimes I forget how influential certain cartoons were to me in my youth.  Every day after school I would tune into the Disney Afternoon and dive into the worlds of Gummi Bears, Duck Tales, TaleSpin, and of course Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers. After buying this Gadget Hackwrench action figure I started Googling and reminiscing about those formative years of mine. I specifically remember Gadget's inventions fascinating me. Her Rube-Goldberg-esque contraptions inspired me to create all kinds of weird do-dads out of rubber bands, paperclips, balloons, etc. Seeing some screenshots of her vehicles and weapons is like a blast from the past because I remember trying to duplicate them in real life. Gadget was an inventor, mechanic, and pilot for the Rescue Rangers, and I think she needs to be given credit as an early role model for the girls-in-STEM movement. It was pretty rare to have such a smart, creative, and independent female character in cartoons back then. Let's check out Gadget Hackwrench below!

This is my first Funko Disney Afternoon purchase, and now I'm suddenly excited for more girls in the line. Magica DeSpell, Morgana Macawber, Webby, and of course Angela and Demona from Gargoyles (I hope that show is included in the license!).

Time for a Comparison Pic!


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  1. Gadget was my first crush as a kid and probably the reason why I like smart girls now XD
    So I was all about it when this action figure was released. Nice article.