Friday, November 23, 2018

Batman Missions BATGIRL!

Batman Missions - 6" Basic Series 02 - Batgirl (Batgirl of Burnside) - Mattel 2018

I'm really loving this new evergreen Batman Missions line. There have been lots of basic Batman series in the past, but so far this newest incarnation has the best looking figures with the most comic accurate designs. I only hope we get a lot more characters. I actually think the upcoming live-action debut of Batwoman makes her the frontrunner for the next female in the line. This figure is basically a Batgirl of Burnside design (with the exception of her unique chest symbol and her solid black cape). What's nice about getting one last figure in this style is that Babs just debuted a new costume in September and this 2014 utilitarian look (which I love) may be no more. I'm not the biggest fan of the new costume so far, so this figure's notability of (possibly) being the last standard retail product in this style is pretty bittersweet. (The upcoming DCC Essentials Batgirl is coming too of course, but likely only to specialty shops). Let's check out the Batman Missions Batgirl below!

Notice the anchor holes in the cape for her backpack accessory.

Like typical basic figures, Batgirl comes with some weird accessories. She has a bat-shaped backpack (with a hook at the top), as well as two bat-shaped suction cups connected by a string. Using the suction cups you can create a taught zipline for the backpack to hook onto and slide along.


The suction cup pieces also can clip onto the sides of the backpack.

So if you couldn't tell from the pictures above, my Batgirl has two Right feet. There is not lower leg rotation or boot cut to mask the problem. I will be looking for a replacement.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with the Multiverse Batgirl figure from 2017.

And with the Batman Missions Harley Quinn from earlier this year.

Here is a comparison of the three very similar Batgirl heads: Multiverse, Batman Missions 12", and Batman Missions 6"

From Left to Right: Multiverse Rebirth Harley, Batman Missions Harley, Batman Missions Batgirl, and Multiverse Batgirl.


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  1. Interesting that she's actually taller than her Multiverse counterpart. I love the armour sculpt, but I feel like her neck looks a little too thick.