Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Transformers Ultra Class - SLIPSTREAM!

Transformers: Cyberverse (Ultra Class Wave 3) - Slipstream - Hasbro 2019

I recently acknowledged the cartoon trope of purple being a villainous color. It almost becomes a subconscious thing that you don't realize, but it's really everywhere. This past Summer I was making a collage of 80s villainesses and it ended up looking really weird because it was so purple. Think about it: Evil-Lyn, Queen Merla, Malvanna Wilde, Scorpia (Sectaurs), Vipra, Queen of the Crown, Erica Slade, Virulina, there are a ton. And that's not even mentioning the Transformers: Blackarachnia, Airachnid, Shadow Striker, Strika, Flamewar, Cindersaur, and of course Slipstream. I was really excited when I discovered that Slipstream would be a major character in the Transformers Cyberverse cartoon. Her Legends figure is one of my favorites and I definitely thought animated-style toys would be very cool. Unfortunately her first release, a Scout Class, was just a repaint of Starscream and I was very disappointed. I was afraid this figure would be the same, but luckily she appears to be a completely new figure.

Slipstream has pretty limited articulation: Shoulders, elbows, and hips. Plus her feet are hinged.

I don't really understand the point of this gimmick, but a big propeller-type thing flips back from the wings and can spin.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Slipstream with her Legends figure.

And here she is with the other Ultra Class figure, Shadow Striker.

And with the rest of my Cyberverse collection: Scout Class Windblade, Warrior Class Windblade, and Scout Class Shadow Striker.


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