Saturday, March 30, 2019

Star Trek Cosplayers of THE BIG BANG THEORY!

Big Bang Theory - Bernadette, Amy, & Penny (SDCC Exc) - BigBangPow 2016

I've never really watched The Big Bang Theory. It seems like a great show, but it was just off my radar for the longest time and I never made much of an effort. It doesn't help that I've been told multiple times that I remind people of Sheldon (it's my vocabulary, I know it). But as sparse as my exposure to the actual show has been, I feel well versed in all their nerdy pop culture references due to friends sending me YouTube clips and memes. I was never really tempted by the toys, however, until these 2016 SDCC Exclusive Star Trek Cosplay figures. I love the retro designs of the original Starfleet uniforms so I knew I would have to eventually get these. A skant with a scoop collar and go-go boots is iconic. The figures themselves have really simple 5 points of articulation, slightly sloppy paint, and sculpts that are definitely not utilizing the newest face-scanning technology. But they are undeniably fun. I've had these figures for a long time and photographed them forever ago, but am just finally getting around to posting. Enjoy!

So I want to start with an apology about the state of these photos. They all have a yellow tint which I was unable to edit away without washing them out completely. I replaced a bulb in my photo tent with the wrong type and it screwed up a hundreds of photos. Luckily I think this is the last batch that was affected.

The Big Bang Theory - Series 02
SDCC Exclusive - BigBangPow! 2016

Each figure comes with the accessories: a Phaser, a Communicator, and a Tricorder.

Each figure also comes with a unique diorama built into the packaging. When you take the bubble off and break the perforated line, it unfolds into an apartment scene complete with pop-up furniture.

The Big Bang Theory - Series 02
SDCC Exclusive - BigBangPow! 2016

The Big Bang Theory - Series 02
SDCC Exclusive - BigBangPow! 2016

I always thought there was a big Halloween or ComicCon episode where the entire cast dressed as the Original Enterprise crew. But in researching it, I think it was in my imagination. There is a Next Generation episode, and Superheroes, and others, but no TOS. The closest thing was a single episode where Amy was playing as a Starfleet nurse to Sheldon.

Here are all the dioramas together.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are the three ladies together.

Now this picture is almost more embarrassing than the overall yellow tint to this entire collection of photos. It's so blurry, but the scale is still visible so I'm swallowing my pride an posting it (I'll try to redo it soon). Here is Penny with the 1996 Nurse Chapel from Playmates and the 2015 Vina ReAction from Funko.


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