Sunday, April 7, 2019

Shazam! Movie - MARY MARVEL!

Shazam! (Movie) - Power Slingers Basic Series 01 - Mary Marvel - Mattel 2019

I saw Shazam! this weekend and I really liked it. I'm going to discuss the movie so consider this your spoiler alert. Although if you have read his New52 comics or walked down a toy aisle in the last month, you won't be learning anything new. At the end of the movie, just like in the comics, Billy chooses to split up his powers among his family. Suddenly there is a rainbow-hued Marvel Family fighting off the Seven Deadly Sins. Some of the heroes have very clear powers; Darla: Speed, Freddy: Flight,  Eugene: Lightning, and Pedro: Strength. But Mary's aren't obviously announced (possibly because she has them all, or possibly because she has one of the non-physical powers like Wisdom). But either way, her presence in the final scene was lackluster. She didn't get any good battle moments like the rest. Mostly she was seen locked in static struggle with different Sins in the background. I was disappointed in that small aspect, but pleased with the rest of the movie. Here's hoping for a sequel (with more Mary)!

Adult Mary is played by Michele Borth. Of all the basic series figures from this movie, I think Mary looks the least like her real-life counterpart. But it's still a nice looking toy. It makes me wonder if my particular figure has an odd paint job (or maybe an awkwardly-placed hair piece). I think the overall figure is nice, but the actor likeness is just a bit off.

Mary comes with a demon-like accessory named Sloth. All the characters comes with different versions of these (each named after one of the Seven Deadly Sins). The demons are made of a stretchy, jiggly rubber. It's pretty gross to me but I know kids live for this stuff. 

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Mary with Darla.

And here they are with two other Basic DC figures: Mera and Wonder Woman.

DC Universe Classics (2010), Mattel Movie Basic Series (2019), DC Direct (2007), Justice League Unlimited (2006).



  1. I absolutely adore my Mary Marvel figure. Here in the UK, it can be increasingly difficult to find the more obscure, unknown figures. So I was pleasantly surprised to have one finally in my hands.

    For a basic figure, I’m amazed at the level of detail and articulation, but it’s a shame the legs are basic t-joints. I also would have preferred some open flying hands rather than closed fighting fists, but these are small minor issues. Here is hoping for a larger figure on the same scale! Now I’m on the hunt for Darla!

  2. Cool figure. I have the old DC Direct figure which is a great figure. Saw Darla at the store, but no sign of Mary yet.