Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Marvel Toy Biz - BLINK!

Marvel's Most Wanted - Marvel Collector Editions - Blink - Toy Biz 1998

I love to collect by character. To me there's nothing quite so appealing as having a cluster of figures of the same character, especially when that character has a unique and consistent costume and has been produced in a variety of product lines. Lately these little character clusters have been inspired by a new action figure, usually from the Marvel Legends or Multiverse lines. Then I will become obsessed with that character and hit eBay and all my local vintage toy shops to collect all their toys.  This method of collecting has the wonderful side-effect of re-exposing me to the various Toy Biz and Kenner lines of the 90s. I would see these figures in comic shops, Kay-Bee Toys, Sam Goody, and Tower, but I rarely bought any back then. When collecting modern figures, it's easy to look back at these older figures and sneer, but I'll be the first to admit I am pleasantly surprised by most of these figures. The sculpts are cool, the articulation is good, and the accessories are fun. True transitional relics. Let's check out Blink below!

Blink is decently articulated, but her oddly-posed limbs really limit her actual posing potential.

She comes with a quiver that has two removable daggers.

She also comes with a cape made of a dark green velvet with a brighter green satin lining.

The cape is a little thick for the scale of this figure.

Blink's biggest accessory is a large teleportation base.

It has two holes to give the effect that she is travelling though the portal.

The base does not close tightly around her ankles. However, I realized from the illustrations on the back of the box that she is meant to look like she is walking through the portal.. with one arm and one leg closed in the holes. The underside of the portal has a big suction cup so it can be mounted to a wall.

Blink has appeared in both X-Men the Animated Series and Wolverine and the X-Men.

Blink has also been portrayed twice in live-action media. In X-Men: Days of Future Past (played by Fan Bingbing) and in Gifted (played by Jamie Chung).

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

From Left to Right: Heroclix, Eaglemoss, Toy Biz, and Marvel Legends.



  1. I'm not familiar with Blink but good review. I like her look and see what they were going for with the base. The Eaglemoss and Legends look nicer to me but doesn't mean this isn't a good take on her character.

  2. Great Toy Biz figure. They really made a lot of great characters. Looking forward to grabbing the Marvel Legends update.