Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Overwatch Ultimates - TRACER!

Overwatch Ultimates: Series 01 Single-Pack Figures - Tracer - Hasbro 2019

I don't play video games outside of the occasional app-of-the-moment phone distraction, so I often don't get pulled into action figures based on game properties. I would often be impressed by the character design, but the lack of connection to the property (plus the questionable articulation and price points) made it easy for me to resist. But when Hasbro announced their Overwatch Ultimates line, I had a gut feeling I would be plunging in deep. I had been noticing the Overwatch characters for a few years. Their bright colors and their Masamune Shirow-esque designs really intrigued me. Then I looked at the actual lineup of the figures and saw five females and four males. I can't not support a line with that kind of female representation. Plus Hasbro has not let me down in a long time in regards to quality and value. The distribution has been great as well. I've seen these figures stocked in Walmart, Target, and GameStop so far. And after seeing them in person, I really hope the line continues. Let's check out Tracer below!

To my amateur perspective, Tracer is the most popular of the characters in the game. I see her front and center on promotional materials and I've seen multiple other toys of her. She is a British former pilot who carries twin pulse pistols and has the ability to "Blink" (teleport short distances).

Tracer comes with an extra set of heads, two Pulse Pistols, and two muzzle flash effects.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here are all the Overwatch Ultimates ladies so far (reviews coming soon!). From Left to Right: Sombra, Mercy, Tracer, Pharah, and Ana/Shrike.


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