Friday, May 10, 2019

Metropolis ReAction - MARIA!

ReAction Retro Figures - Metropolis' Maria (Standard & DCON Exc) - Super7 2019

I've been obsessed with Maria from Metropolis ever since I found myself in Suncoast Video in the early 2000s and bought a Reel Masters Silent Screamers Maria from Mezco Toys. I hadn't ever heard of this movie or character before, but I quickly learned I was surrounded by genuine fans and heard all about it. I honestly still haven't seen the movie, but I'm sure I'll see it eventually. The plot descriptions I have read paint the robot as a political pawn, used to mimic the likeness of Maria (an activist for the working class) and spark an uprising in Metropolis. The plot truly sounds a little depressing to me, but the design of the robot always caught my eye and I've been wishing for a decent toy for year (that Silent Screamers one was too stylized for me and the Bionica figure is a straight-up reinterpretation). But Super7 came to the rescue with this perfect little ReAction figure. I especially love she same with an easy-to-acquire exclusive variant with a dark paintwash. I love variety. Let's check out Maria below!

I really struggled with the idea of opening these figures. The packaging is so interesting that I almost ignored my "toys are for play" convictions and kept them MOC. The above card is the standard gold figure. The card below is the darker DesignerCon exclusive (the DCON card is much bigger).

Standard on the Left and Exclusive on the Right.

Time for a Comparison Pic!



  1. Rumour has it that Maria was the inspiration for C3PO. Also if you can find it watch Metropolis with the 80's Sountrack with Queen and Pat Benatar among others. It's more dramatic than the original.

    1. COMPLETELY. Just look at Ralph McQuarrie's concept art for 3Po. It's pretty much a male Maria.