Sunday, May 12, 2019

DC Direct - VIXEN!

Justice League of America (Ed Benes) - Series 01 - Vixen - DC Direct 2007

I mentioned during my recent DC Multiverse Vixen review that I was suddenly inspired to collect all the Vixen figures ever made (there aren't many). This presented me with a bit of moral issue though because I specifically remember being highly disappointed with this 2007 DC Direct figure when it was released (and vowing not to buy it). Vixen had been around for decades but was just being launched into A-level status by being included in the new roster of the Justice League in 2006. This figure was meant to commemorate her new status, but to me she looked like an awkwardly failed attempt at over-sexualization. Her breasts are larger than her head and laughably exposed. Bared cleavage can be beautiful and provocative, but this is pure male titillation and impracticality. Her hips and thighs look unproportionally narrow compared to her shoulders and chest. And the odd articulation in her arms makes her look like she is in a permanent state of airing out her armpits. This figure's popularity has been a mystery to me for years.

(Packaged pics swiped from eBay, I got mine loose)

Some things I actually like about this figure: Her face sculpt is really rather good, especially from the front. The costume details like her totem necklace and her belt are well-sculpted and painted. Her hair is cool, even with the chunky tendrils. And the overall color tone is fantastic. Her skin, the warm yellow of her costume, and all the gold details really work together to create a great palette. 

Vixen comes with the standard JLA figure stand that all the figures in the wave had.

This arm-raised pose is the the only way I personally think this figure looks good. Unfortunately it makes her (real metal) bracelets fall to her elbows.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Vixen with her recent DC Multiverse version.


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