Monday, June 24, 2019

DC Essentials - SUPERGIRL!

DC Essentials - Action Figure #16 - Supergirl - DC Collectibles 2019

I'm a relative newcomer to Supergirl fandom. When I really started diving deep into my superheroine idolatry, Supergirl was Linda Danvers. She wore a bare-midriff t-shirt, white gloves, combat boots, a hairband, and an almost nonexistent skirt that looked like a glorified belt. I wasn't a fan of the look, it was a weird blend of utilitarian and tarty. But I also felt that her personality was inconsistent. I made several honest attempts, but the character never stuck. The reboot of Supergirl in the New52 was the first time I fell in love with the Maid of Might. Then the TV show version captured me too and I realized I was likely a fan for life. When I first saw this DC Essentials figure in person I thought she looked odd. I thought her head was too narrow and her face looked too stern. But once I took her out of the package and started posing her all my hesitations went out the window. She's truly terrific. This whole line is filling me with joy. DC characters have been in desperate need of this. Let's check out Supergirl below!

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Supergirl with the new Cheetah figure.

And with two of my favorite DC Collectibles Supergirls: TV Figure and New 52.

And with two recent Mattel Multiverse figures: Spoiler and Batwoman.


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  1. Great looking figure. There's been plenty over the years. Glad to see another good figure of hers.