Saturday, June 22, 2019

DC Essentials - CHEETAH!

DC Essentials - Action Figure #15 - The Cheetah - DC Collectibles 2019

Cheetah is a character that has always intrigued me. I loved the classic Priscilla Rich version, but I'm most fascinated by the felinoid Barbara Ann Minerva version. There are a lot of similar characters in pop culture (like Marvel's Tigra and ThunderCats' Cheetara), but Cheetah just seems more dangerous and feral than the others. The unfortunate thing is that there really hasn't been a great action figure of her before now. And boy did this figure make up for her lackluster merchandising history. I can't get over how gorgeous this figure is. Everything from the subtle color gradients, to the great spot details, to the overall sculpt and articulation is perfection. I wasn't surprised to see Sam Greenwell's name on the sculpting credit, he has a knack for creating stunning female figures. I have a feeling this figure will be the beginning of an avalanche of Cheetah product in advance of the Wonder Woman '84 movie. But honestly this one will be extremely hard to beat. Let's check out the DC Essentials Cheetah below!

Don't mind my poor placement of her belt. It's flexible and can easily rest in a more appropriate (less gravity-defying) position.

Her tail is super impressive. Its has three swivel cuts that let it be posed in a variety of positions. I only wish the spots were on both sides instead of just the top (dorsal?) side. In some poses, the spots are hidden for a segment or two and looks messy. It's literally my only complaint for this figure.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Cheetah with the new DC Essentials Supergirl (review coming soon).

And here she is with the DCUC Cheetah figures from 2010.

And here she is with a couple of modern Mattel Multiverse figures for reference: Spoiler and Batwoman.

And with the Mattel Lynda Carter and Rebirth Wonder Woman figures.



  1. This figure looks excellent. Great review and pics.

  2. She's always had a great look and this figure is great. Really nice visuals starting with the color. Thanks for the good review.

  3. Is the belt or necklace removable?

  4. The best one of the 6 versions of 6" Cheetah in the market. I love it.