Saturday, June 1, 2019

Transformers Titan Changers - SHATTER!

Transformers Bumblebee Movie - Titan Changers 12" - Shatter - Hasbro 2018

I never would have a expected to have a Titan-scale 12" Transformer that actually transforms. I thought the Quickshadow figure from a couple years ago was the best we would ever get. But then the Bumblebee movie products rolled out and they included this 12" Titan Changers Shatter. I pretty much only pay attention to female Transformers characters, so I realize transforming Titans may have been around for a while, but this is all new to me. So when all the Bumblebee movie product starting appearing on the shelves, I was eagerly hunting this figure. Unfortunately it never appeared anywhere that I could find. I ended up ordering her from the Walmart website last week before she disappeared forever. I'm glad I finally bit the bullet, too, because she's a pretty cool action figure. Her construction appears a little cheap upon inspection (most of her body is hollow from the back, like a jello mold). But the overall look, transformation feature, and low price point make up for it. Let's check out Shatter below!

Shatter's articulation is a little hard to define since she can transform (but those moving pieces aren't exactly articulation). She has no hip, waist, or neck articulation at all. She has ball-jointed shoulders, swivel forearms, hinge knees, and hinge ankles. The wings on her forearms are also removable (they come detached in the packaging).

For as simple of a figure as this appears to be, the transformation was actually pretty tricky. But I'm impressed how both the jet and robot versions have such nice designs.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here is Shatter with my only other 12" fembot, the Rescue Bots Quickshadow.

And here are all my Shatters together: both Energon Igniters figures and her Studio Series figure. The only figure I completely skipped on was the Mission Vision version (I thought it looked too clunky).


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