Tuesday, June 4, 2019

X Faction - IRON LADY!

Iron Lady (Unlicensed Pepper Potts Rescue) PVC Statue - X Faction Studio 2017

This was a figure I really struggled with. I've seen it popping up on eBay for a few years and I always been really intrigued. I love Rescue as a character. There have been so few female Iron "Men"  in the comics (Rhodey Stark and Antoinette Stark come to mind - but they are both one-and-done type characters). So when Pepper Potts donned the armor I finally thought we had one with staying power. And I have been proven right. The new movie has really solidified her in the public eye. And I really like the blue armor in the MCU. But it made me quickly nostalgic for the classic red armor (which I felt would be completely phased out in the blink of an eye). So I caved and bought this Iron Lady. There are two big moral problems with this figure. Firstly, she's unlicensed. I'm known to pick up the occasional bootlego, but in general I like to respect intellectual property. Secondly, there is some major dubious intent here. Be forewarned, this is an adults-only collectible. Let's check out Iron Lady below!

This Iron Lady figures is essentially a 7.75" tall PVC statue with a ball-jointed head (and no other articulation). Her power blast, figure stand, and chestplate are removable.

Iron Lady comes with an alternate head with a raised visor. She actually came in the package with this head attached, but swapping them proved so difficult that I didn't want to tempt fate by swapping them back. She seems really sturdy, but I was still afraid I would snap her neck peg.

Here where things get sensitive. Iron Lady comes with a removable chest plate. If you buy a deluxe version of this figure (which I did not), she will come with an alternate - nude - plate. It's honestly just awkward. It doesn't seem sexy or erotic (which I believe is the intent), it doesn't seem empowering, scandalous, fun, or any other intent I can think of. It's just odd.

Despite the two moral hiccups with this figure, in this form she's a really nice addition to my small Pepper Potts collection. Her chest, even when covered up, looks borderline explicit. But she still looks more demure than a good third of my collection (thanks to the 90s and most of the noughties). It's tough because I (obviously) think the female form is beautiful and worth celebrating, but when the intent seems completely steeped in titillation (for males by males), it gets pretty skeevy.

Time for a Comparison Pic!

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  1. Not one I've seen before. Really good looking figure. Rescue is a character I like as well. Again this is pretty cool and has a cool look to her.