Tuesday, August 13, 2019

DC Multiverse - KATANA!

DC Comics Multiverse: Killer Croc Collect-n-Connect Wave -Katana - Mattel 2019

I never thought I would have a Katana figure that really excited me. I always thought she was an interesting and notable character, but assassin types who fight with swords just always seemed a little unimaginative to me (as least in the over-the-top world of superhero comics). Her recent roles in Suicide Squad, Beware the Batman, and DC Superhero Girls made me realize that her popularity was quickly picking up steam, but I still thought her design was a tad boring. However, this Rebirth redeco changes her just enough to really intrigue me. It's barely any different - all the classic elements are present - but suddenly she reminds me of the designs from David Mack's Kabuki and a little of the Robin quasi-villain, Lynx (who I always wished had more staying power). I didn't realize how much I liked this design until I found this figure at Walmart last week. She's really stunning and it's a shame the Mattel is losing the licence after recently upping their game so impressively. Let's check out Katana below!

Katana comes with her signature blade (containing the soul of her dead husband) and an extra hand to hold it. The sword is made of very soft plastic and comes out of the package pretty warped unfortunately.

This is unrelated, but the design of the new Katana reminds me of the Robin villain, Lynx.

Katana comes with the Torso for the Collect-n-Connect Killer Croc figure.

Time for some Group and Comparison Pics!

Here she is with two other semi-recent Katanas, Suicide Squad and DC New 52.

And with the recent Multiverse Starfire.



  1. She looks cool- I have that DC Collectibles New 52 version, which is plastic art, but I like her in black here... that Starfire makes a nice companion...

  2. I've always like Katana, but I wish someone would make a figure of her original costume in Batman And The Outsiders. Not to mention making Halo and Looker ( Black Lightning, Metamorpho and Geo-Force all had figures) to complete the original team (plus Looker).

  3. No doubt the best design of her character in toy form to date. Would've liked to have seen her come w/an alternate unmasked head, though.

  4. Always loved Katana's look. This is a great looking figure.