Friday, September 20, 2019

Marvel Legends - MIRAGE, KARMA, & WOLFSBANE!

New Mutants Legends - Dani Moonstar - Walgreens Exclusive - Hasbro 2019

My fondness for the New Mutants knows no bounds. It was the first Marvel comic that ever spoke to me. I remember my parents getting me Marvel Graphic Novel #4 for Christmas one year and I was obsessed for the majority of my childhood. The bond between the teammates was so real and their personal backstories (as diverse as they were) were so relatable to a weird little kid like me. A line of New Mutants toys has been on my wishlist forever. The ToyBiz line in 1998 was promising but only included a few characters. The HeroClix and Mini-Mates sets were wondrously complete, but didn't really scratch that "action figure" itch. So this Walgreen's exclusive Dani Moonstar (with unexpected Karma and Wolfsbane heads) is a very long-awaited figure. While this isn't the absolute perfect representation of the characters for me, they still thrill me. But now they have a major obligation to round out the team: Cannonball, Cypher, Sunspot, and Magma can't be left behind. Let's check out the first three below!

I'll start will a shot of the three characters you can create with this figure: Wolfsbane, Mirage, and Karma. My gripes are simple and not super important. (1) I eventually want the classic costumes. These costumes are from the 2009 comic, and while very reminiscent to the original look, there's a definite modern vibe. I would love Dani to have her iconic turquoise belt and fringed boots. (2) I know this is a single body buck, but ideally we'd see a variety of body styles. Dani was always the tallest, but Rahne seems better suited to a smaller body. (3) Wolfsbane doesn't seem right. The head reminds me more of Feral than Rahne. The head also rides high on the neck and I've never seen a version of her where she is partially wolfed out while still wearing team costume (besides the X-Factor phase). Normally she's full-body fur at that phase. (And a furry female buck could be re-used for Feral, Tigra, Hepzibah, etc)

This figure comes with three heads: Karma, Dani Moonstar, and Wolfsbane. Plus a bow and arrow for Dani, dramatic hands for Karma, and beast hands for Wolfsbane.

Danielle "Dani" Moonstar
aka Psyche, Spellbinder, Dark Raider, and Moonstar

I've said this before, but I was always kind of glad that the 2012 "X-Mutants" Dani never saw release. I just didn't like that buck (odd hips and thighs) and the hair looked like a bad wig. and I knew if we got that figure it would be very unlikely to get an apology figure down the road. I do find it very interesting that the new figure is the exact same design as the cancelled one.

This figure also brings to life the first of the modern "Action Figure Covers" that have been gracing our comic variants for the past four years. This cover is from The Fearless Defenders #2 (March 2015).

Xi'an Coy Manh

Rahne Sinclair
aka Grimfang, Mutate #490, and Queen Rain of Gesham

Time for some Group Pics!

These are assembled in photoshop. So far, I've only found two Danis and when I took these photos I only had one.


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